As  we get everyone out on the ice and up running full swing things are getting busy!  We are always looking at ways to improve and keep in touch with our members.   Feedback  to the executive is also appreciated and needed for us to move ahead in a positive direction.    The new webmaster email is one way of letting us know if you would like to see something added or changed t5o our site.

Congratulations to our first two winners of the progressive 50/50!  Ladies Team Pigeau have won “eight ender” team vests from the NOCA for their work this past Tuesday night!

I was asked by Louise Gauthier to see if their is anybody interested in volunteering to bartender  to please contact Mike.  If their is enough interest and people lack their smart serve we will look at getting a course organized.

It is your club and what you make of it!!!

See you on the ice!rocks with logo on yellow handle - Copy