What great support from our members right off the start! With our first week of curling under our belt we have 106 out of 135 Members paid up for the weekly Progressive 50/50.  First two draws took place last night For $106.00 per draw.  Congratulations to :

  • 50/50# 3105- Tracey Seguin – $106.00
  • 50/50# 3093- non-paid member! – $106.00 carry over!

Next Friday  Dec. 4-15 will have another catch up draw so we will be having another two draws!  First draw will be at minimal $212.00!

  • Draw #3 – $212.00 minimal
  • Draw#4 –  $106.00 minimal – possibly $318.00 if draw#3 not won!

You can’t win if you are not in!

50-50- 2015-16

Looking for something to do tonight?  Drop by the club tonight as we are opening our doors @ 6:30pm with a drop in “open ice” night/ clinic with the bar open and likely the game on the our new 10ft screen!

Please encourage your teammates to sign up for the “email blaster” to stay current with the activities of their club!  We are up to 43 followers and hope you are finding these informative!